About Me

I have 20+ year experince as a advocate. My ambition is to serve people as a Lawyer , specifically those who are living under poverty line. My experienced team and expert associate professionals strive to provide a confidential, efficient and unrivaled service in all branches of law. Lawyers associated with me appear in the Supreme Court of India, High Court of Uttarakhand and all lower Courts of Uttarakhand, Delhi, Punjab and Haryana, Pune, Bangalore, Jammu, Mumbai, Kolkata District Consumer Courts of Delhi, Haridwar & many other cities.

Associations where i am working/worked-
a. Member, Adhivacta Parishad, Haridwar
b. President, Rule of Law & Justice Society
c. Secretary, District BAR ASSOCIATION Haridwar 2017-18
d. Vibhag Vidhi Pramukh & Prant Karyakarani Sadasya Hindu Jagran Manch (Dehradun Vibhag)
e. Mahila Achik Bueru Hardwar (A Branch of Uttarakhand Police) Since 2018-13
f. Ex-convener All India Legal Aid Forum Uttarakhand Unit
g. Working Research Team member of Indian Policy Foundation
h. Member TAC BSNL Haridwar Ministry of communication Gov. Of india
i. Memeber -laddhakh and Jammu Kashmir study center.

I have office in Haridwar, and have chamber is in Distt. Court, Haridwar. I provide legal advisory services and expertise to the clients across diverse practice areas and industry verticals in the country. I have a team of prominent and dedicated lawyers practicing in different High Courts and Supreme Court of India. I have also expert lawyers to deal with Matrimonial cases, Criminal Cases, Civil Cases, Bail Matters, Cheque bounce Cases, Cases relating to Corporate field etc. I provides services relating to Family law, Dowry case Law, Child Custody law, Marriage registration , court marriage Law, Drunk & Drive case , Cyber law , Property Law , Supreme court Lawyers , Service & CAT Matters Law , Labor & Industrial Law.

My Advocates and Lawyers team are drafters of the highest kind and are experts in drafting complaints, petitions, deeds and all kinds of contracts and agreements etc. and are highly competent in negotiating reviewing and structuring all kinds of agreements, deeds and contracts. It is pertinent to mention here that the success rate of my team is best in India than others in the field of law. My clients belong to various sectors of commerce and industry, and include multinational corporations, public sector bodies and entrepreneurs. I have a substantive international presence, and through my immense network I am able to provide proactive and efficient service to our clients with international business.

Some Famouse Cases Filled by me-

a. I filled case against Mr. M.F. Hussain due to he draw a depicting picture of Bharat Mata in year 2006. Finally Mr. M.F. Hussain left Indian Citizenship and he died in Qatar.
b. I filled a case against Ex-Justice Markandey Katju for misusing social media and comments against Heroes and the end he apologized for this act.
c. I filled a case against Muncipal Coporation Haridwar, and set a example in Uttarakhand which was published in a journal.
d. Filled a complaint against Ex-C.M. Harish Rawat before National Election Commission.
e. Filled a complaint against Ex-C.M. Harish Rawat for violating traffic rules before National Human Right Commission.
f. Filled a complaint against Ex-congress president before National Election Commission for making a commitment for Rs 12,000.00/pm, during code of conduct.
g. Risa a strong voice for installation of CCTV in Police Station & Courts through legal process.
and many more cases filled for ensuring Human Rights.