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I have 20+ year experince as a advocate. My ambition is to serve people as a Lawyer , specifically those who are living under poverty line. My experienced team and expert associate professionals strive to provide a confidential, efficient and unrivaled service in all branches of law.
Lawyers associated with me appear in the Supreme Court of India, High Court of Uttarakhand and all lower Courts of Uttarakhand, Delhi, Punjab and Haryana, Pune, Bangalore, Jammu, Mumbai, Kolkata District Consumer Courts of Delhi, Haridwar & many other cities.


1. Member, Adhivacta Parishad, Haridwar
2. President, Rule of Law & Justice Foundation, Uttarakhand Unit
3. Ex-Secretary, District BAR ASSOCIATION Haridwar 2017-18
4. Ex-Vibhag Vidhi Pramukh & Prant Karyakarani Sadasya Hindu Jagran Manch 2015-17 (Dehradun Vibhag)
5. Mahila Achik Bueru Hardwar (A Branch of Uttarakhand Police) Since 2008-13
6. Ex-convener All India Legal Aid Forum Uttarakhand Unit
7. Working Research Team member of Indian Policy Foundation
8. Member TAC BSNL Haridwar Ministry of communication Gov. Of india
9. Memeber -laddhakh and Jammu Kashmir study center.

Our Services

  Labour & Industrial Law

We have a team of specialized team of Labour lawyers. We advise and provide legal services in matters related contract labour....

  Property Law

Our team of civil lawyers and advocates provide legal opinions on all your property related queries....

  Cyber Law

Our team of cyber lawyers and advocates provide legal opinions on all your cyber related queries....

  Criminal Law

We have a team of specialized team of criminal lawyers to deal with all your criminal matters.....

  Court Marriage Law

We provide opinions in court marriage Law......

  Family Law

We have a team of specialized family lawyers to deal with all your family related cases........

  Domestic Violence

We provide legal opinions in all type domestic violence.....

  Dowry Case Law

Dowry is a social evil in the society, that has caused unimaginable tortures and crimes towards women.

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